My Limping Foray Into 35mm Film



I have 4 generations of photographers in my family. I grew up fascinated by the smell of the chemicals and the process of developing in the leaky dark room of the old Frederick Press newspaper building where I would frequently accompany my mom and grandfather.

Some of my first memories as a young kid were in that darkroom. I was even more intrigued when I discovered that my great-grandfather, a journalist during World War II, had obtained some of the first photographs of the Pearl Harbor bombing. Photography is, in more ways than one, in my blood.

However, the older I grew, the more annoyed with taking pictures I became. It seemed that, at every turn, we were taking new family pictures. Time is a great tool for appreciation. Only recently have I discovered a refreshed interest in the field of photography – particularly, film photography. I inherited a first generation Pentax K1000 that belonged to my grandfather, and, when I discovered that it was in perfect working condition, I was hooked. Bear in mind, I have relatively no idea what I’m doing, but there is something about the process of discovery and the requisite patience of shooting 35mm film that has engendered something of an obsession. The following photographs are the results of my first attempt at shooting in 35mm B&W film and developing at home (which is another story altogether!). The film I used is Ilford HP5+ Black & White Film (400).


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