“Silence” and the Messiness of Faith in Christ

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Unless you were paying close attention, you probably didn’t notice that Martin Scorsese released a new movie just before Christmas. Scorsese’s newest movie, “Silence”, released in very select theatres on December 21st, 2016. In a nutshell, it is about 2 Jesuit missionaries who travel to hostile Japan to rescue their mentor that had presumably renounced Christ in the face of Japanese persecution. It tells the story of how these two missionaries struggle with their faith in the midst of intense persecution and trial. 

Should We Be Re-Designing Death?

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This article was originally posted in ThinkChristian Magazine
“With just a little attention … he might be able to refract some of the horror and hopelessness of death into more transcendent feelings of awe and wonder and beauty.”
These words, taken from the California Sunday Magazine article “Death, Redesigned,” speak to a new understand of mortality in our culture. It doesn’t take much experience with death to understand how daunting the subject truly is. Death is not a friend. What is more, the subject of death has the tendency to cloud the